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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I send an email to Nancy with an inquiry?
    Click Contact Us in the menu above.
  2. How long will it take to receive the downloads after I place my order?
    • If you order on this website and you remit your payment online through PayPal, you will receive an email notice that will allow you to download the files immediately...usually within minutes. If you do not receive the download link within a few short minutes, go to CONTACT US and let us know.
    • If you have purchased through PayPal but cannot download to your computer, you may go to CONTACT US and let us know. We will handle it promptly.
    • If you request your order by snail mail, the order will be sent to you promptly by first class mail. The delivery time will depend on how far you live from Tucson AZ, USA.
  3. How can I get a current list of Nancy's selections?
    You can get that right here on the website. See the purple box on the right. There's a header that says PRINTABLE LISTS. You'll see a selection of lists to choose from. See the links below. Click and print.
  4. If I receive my order and the song selections don't work for the group, can the money be refunded?
    Within 30 days of order, you may apply to Nancy for a credit of the service fee only. Per copy fees are assessed by the copyright owner and, as such, are not refundable or transferable to any other song title.
  5. Are there learning tracks available of Nancy's selections?
    In many cases, learning tracks exist. But, they are not available on this website. There are many makers of learning tracks. However, learning tracks requested by individual groups have often been modified from the originals. Any previously existing learning tracks you order from any track maker may not match the current selection you have purchased. It is recommended that you have your own learning tracks made by a reputable track maker using the song selection you purchased.
  6. There's a song I would really like to sing in barbershop. Does Nancy take requests?
    As time permits, Nancy will consider your custom request. The requestor sends a copy of the sheet music and/or audio file or link which Nancy then assesses for barbershop worthiness. If it is a project Nancy would like to accept, she will send you an estimate of the cost and an estimate of when it will fit into her schedule.
  7. How much does it cost for a custom request?
    The cost varies greatly depending on the length and difficulty of the song itself. Generally, they range from $250 to $500 for the service fee and the copyright owner permission fee. There are also other fees such as per copy fees set by the copyright owner for the number of copies you will reproduce. All fees are paid to Nancy B Music for distribution to the appropriate copyright owner.
  8. We like this song selection very much, but it's in the wrong key for us. Can you change the key?
    Yes, if it is a computerized manuscript. However, it takes the time of an expert to do this, and there is a small fee for this service - usually ranging from $15 to $25. If the manuscript is handwritten, it must first be computerized by an expert. The fee for this service would depend on the complexity of the song.
  9. Does Nancy receive orders from people in other countries? If so, how is the currency exchange handled?
    Singers outside the U.S. love using PayPal because the currency conversion is done automatically. All payments to Nancy B Music must be in US Dollars. If you choose not to use PayPal, you may purchase bank checks or money orders in US Dollars in your country to remit as payment. See "HOW TO ORDER"
  10. How do I calculate my payment?
    See "HOW TO ORDER" for specific information about calculating payments.
  11. How can I pay using PayPal?
    See "HOW TO ORDER" for specific information about ordering through PAYPAL.
  12. How can I tell if a song would be good for contest?
    Nancy's contest selections are listed as Contest Uptune (CU) and Contest Ballad (CB).
    This is of utmost importance: the song must be suitable for YOUR voices. To score well, you must SING it well. Your judge does not judge the piece of paper. It is your performance that is scored.
  13. Does Nancy evaluate songs for their contestability?
    If asked, she answers!
  14. Does Nancy write new intros, tags or key changes upon request?
    Yes. And the fee is determined depending on the complexity of the request.
  15. We want to sing one of Nancy's contest numbers, but we want to put it in a comedy package with parody lyrics. Can we do this and still be legal?
    It is a rare occasion when a copyright owner grants legal permission to use parody lyrics, as they feel "comedy lyrics" diminish the song value. Our SAI rules of judging evaluate each song on its own merit, and there are no penalties assessed for use of parody lyrics.
  16. What am I paying for?
    Barbershop harmony is written in a specific style unique to our art form. There is not a large selection available "over the counter" and the arrangers must be compensated for their time and talent. The arranger also pays the copyright owner for the privilege of arranging the song, and agrees to collect and remit "per copy" fees for each copy distributed. The two fees you pay are (a) Arranging Service Fee, for the arranger, and (b) Per Copy Fees, for the copyright owner.

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