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Movies & Musicals

Movies & Musicals
A Couple Of Swells

EZ! Arrangement matches the Garland/Astaire dance routine. Pick a couple of dancers and have a WOW show act!

A Time For Us (Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet)

EZ! Beautiful love song, features your Lead. Go for it!

Aba Daba Honeymoon (CU)

A Debbie Reynolds musical dance comedy hit! And a great possibility for chorus contest staging!

Here's a clip from the musical.

This song is available for $50.00 plus per copy fee of $1.00.

Achy Breaky Heart

Very EZ Country hit performed by Billy Ray Cyrus! Sing and DANCE!

An Affair To Remember

EZ! Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr title song. Romantic! (not too difficult)

Another Op'ning, Another Show

EZ! Cole Porter's great opener...lyrics tailored for US!

Anything Can Happen If You Let It (CU)

From the new Mary Poppins musical!

Anywhere I Wander

EZ! Beautiful ballad from "Hans Christian Andersen."

This arrangement is temporarily unavailable from this website. Click on CONTACT US at the top of this page to request more information.

Arizona Big A

Arizona's newest State song (tee-hee!)

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, On The

EZ! Fun swingin' rhythm tune!

Be Our Guest!

Great opener! Lyrics adapted for US!

Born In A Trunk (CB)

Great Judy Garland showstopper!


Great show tune with a Latin beat...


EZ! Liza's great Broadway show tune!

Candy Man, The

EZ! Remember Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory???

Climb Every Mountain


Dancing In The Dark

EZ! Short, and beautiful

Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead

EZ! If you're a Munchkin, you NEED this! (comedy)

Do Re Mi

EZ! Include some children in your presentation (or NOT!). Fun!

Doin' What Comes Natur'lly (CU)

EZ! Irving Berlin's FUNNY country classic! 

Easter Parade

EZ! "In your Easter Bonnet..." Everyone knows it.


EZ! Lovely and moving...from SOUND OF MUSIC

Exodus Song, The (8-part men and women)

Theme from the movie "Exodus"...POWERFUL...with lyrics written by Pat Boone. This is a grand production.

Forty Second Street

EZ! A Broadway show-off song...great rhythm!

Frog Kissin'

EZ! Burl Ives folk song...COMEDY!

George M. Cohan Medley (CU)

Exciting songs by the legendary George M. Cohan tied up in package suitable for contest!

The song is available for $50.00 plus per copy fee of $1.00.

Get Happy

EZ! FUN! Forget your troubles and sing it! Fabulous Judy Garland hit. Many others have made it a hit, too. Now make it yours!

Get Me To The Church On Time (CU)

Contest winner! Grand song from My Fair Lady...make it yours!

Great Day (It's Gonna Be A...)

EZ! Short and STRONG. Good singing! Great opener.

Heat Wave (We're having a...)

EZ! Great show tune...feature your dancers!

Hey, Look Me Over (Opener)

This peppy showtune is the perfect opener for your new show! See Contest Uptunes for a more lengthy version.

I Love To Laugh (from Mary Poppins)

EZ! Hilarious laughing song from Mary Poppins
(Ho-Ho-Ho Ha-Ha-Ha He-He-He!)

If I Only Had A Brain (CU)

One of the most wonderful songs from The Wizard Of Oz! This one was sung by the Scare Crow. You will have such fun with this song!

In The Still Of The Night

A moving ballad designed to show off exceptional singers!

Isn't This A Lovely Day To Be Caught In The Rain?

NEW! Irving Berlin really knows how to write them! Great for your show! A Ginger & Fred song!

Just One Of Those Things

A Cole Porter composition from the American Songbook. Can't beat it. It moves!

Let The Sunshine In

From the magical era of the 60's, this song was from the musical Hair and recorded by The 5th Dimension. Don your bell-bottomed pants and daisy-littered tops for a reminiscent peace & love package!

Little On The Lonely Side, A

Nice swing standard. Great singing.

Lover Come Back To Me (CB)

Wonderful, challenging, contestable song! If it was a hit for Jeannette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, it might just thrill your audiences, too!

Lullabye In Ragtime

Swing ballad...absolutely ADDICTIVE!

Mame (CU)

This arrangement is waiting for the right performers to make it famous!

Me, too! (CU)

EZ! Clever, FUN uptune! Check it out.

More Than You Know

Not easy, but definitely a beauty! Janice Wheeler and NancyB collaborated on this one. Many singers have recorded it like Ann-Margret, Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, Jane Froman, and all the jazz greats...Ella, Billie, Lena, Liza. Every big band and crooner since 1929 has it in their repetoire! Oh, heck, I don't think anyone missed getting to perform this one! And they are still at it.

My Favorite Things

EZ! A popular Christmas tune and a Julie Andrews favorite from The Sound Of Music!

My Kind Of Town (Chicago Is)

Nobody delivered a message like "Frank" did! Two great songwriters created this song...Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Kahn! Then Frank Sinatra put his touch on it. The Lead fires off this song in the Verse. If you're performing in Chicago, or singing for someone from Chicago, this is a "must have!"

Oh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning

EZ! A soldier's lament...comedy!

This song is available for $50.00 plus per copy fee of $1.00.

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Great music from "Oklahoma!" Check it out!

On A Cruise

Perfect OPENER for a cruise theme!

On Broadway! (They say the neon lights are bright...)

LEAD or TENOR solo - easy backup...JAZZY!

Rag Mop

EZ! Easy 40's FUN!

Rosie / Must've Been A Beautiful Baby Medley (CU)

Johnny Mercer and Harry Warren wrote two goodies decades apart that belong together! Not only that...this medley is an ideal contest uptune. The harmonies just fall into'll enjoy singing this one! This one is also available in the lower key of F for the asking.

Seventy-Six Trombones (CU)

NEW! Music Man's rousing band song.

Singin' In The Rain

NEW! EZ! Happy song, singable arrangement. Makes ya wanna dance!

Singin' In The Rain / Isn't It A Lovely Day Medley

NEW! EZ! Add Fred & Ginger's "Isn't It A Lovely Day To Be Caught In The Rain" to Gene Kelly's "Singin' In The Rain" and you have a joyous pair of DANCING LOVE SONGS!

Small World, It's A

EZ! A lovely thought...worth singing about!

Someday My Prince Will Come

Okay, Snow's your song! Are you up for it?

Sound Of Music Medley

Sound of Music / Do-Re-Mi / My Favorite Things / Edelweiss / Climb Every Mountain

St. Louis Blues

EZ! Classic JAZZ song...WOW your audience with this sultry rendition first adapted by Glenn Miller! Can also be sung in a fast march tempo if you're so inclined.

This song is available for $50.00 plus per copy fee of $1.00.

Steppin' Out With My Baby

Wonderful Irving Berlin! Good dance feature...


Feature a lovely high voice (lead or tenor)...wonderful!

Sunrise, Sunset

EZ! Moving ballad from "Fiddler On The Roof"

Swinging On A Star

EZ! Bing Crosby delighted the choir boys in "Going My Way" with this tune! Audiences still love it!

That Old Feeling

Classic 40's ballad with a great love story. It was a hit in the 50's in the Rita Hayward movie and revived again in the 60's when Frank Sinatra recorded it.

There Will Never Be Another You (CB)

NEW! A classic Jazz Standard by Harry Warren & Mack Gordon, recorded by Frank Sinatra and too many other jazz artists to mention! You'll really enjoy this one!

There's No Business Like Show Business

EZ! No show is complete without Irving Berlin's great NO BIZ like SHO BIZ!

This Is It! (Theme from Bugs Bunny Show)

EZ! Great OPENER. Short. You'll love it!

This Is The Army, Mr. Jones

EZ! Rip-roarin' 40s number. Also "MRS Jones" version included!

Til Tomorrow

Lovely closer..."Twilight descends, everything ends..."

Try To Remember

"...the kind of September." LOVELY ballad from The Fantastiks!


NEW! EZ! A perfect complement to your tropical or Hawaiian themed show. Lovely Ballad!

Walk Him Up The Stairs

EZ! Hit gospel for chorus/quartet to share. SUPER!

We're Off To See The Wizard

Fun showtune from "The Wizard Of OZ"...a Judy Garland favorite.

When You Wish Upon A Star (CB)

EZ!...and lovely! Was it Snow White or Cinderella...or you?!!!

You Are My Lucky Star

NEW! Hit song from movie "Singin' In The Rain". Wonderful for any show!

You'll Never Walk Alone (Bass solo)

The BASS should have a it is! This was a "show-off" arrangement for the bass of The Mississippi Misses, 1954 Queens of Harmony.

You're A Grand Old Flag

EZ! Smashing patriotic show opener OR closer! A terrific addition to your performance packages for Memorial Day, July 4th, 9/11, Veterans' Day....or any time you want the audience on their feet!

This song is available for $30.00 plus per copy fee of $1.00.


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